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Samantha and her Goose Jeans

Hi there! My name is Samantha, and I want to tell you a little bit about myself and the things that I like so you can see for yourself why you want to follow my brand new adventure blog. I really hope that you like me and the things I talk about, including my favorite jeans.

Speaking of which, I love my Goose Jeans and have several pairs. They are so comfortable and they look great on me. I think that the quality of the fabric and workmanship is so good that they should be better known by other people. In fact, that is one of my goals with this blog of mine is to let people like you know about the great brands and places that I have discovered. My Goose Jeans are rugged and attractive at the same time, making them just about perfect in my book.

Of course, I started this blog to talk about more than just my jeans, though I do really really like them. For instance, have I mentioned that I live in the State of New Jersey right now? If not, now you know that this is where I live! The state might seem small to folks who have never been here before, but there is tons to do all of the time and I never feel like it is a small place to be.

Plus, one of the many great things about living in New Jersey is the location. I can travel back and forth to New York in a single day if I want to! Talk about the shopping options. Well, let’s not. I will save that for another day. Right now I am just trying to let you know about myself and the things that I really like.

I love adventure, which is the reason I chose the topic for my new blog.

Checking out new places, people and things is like my kind of thing to do! That is why I have moved to New Jersey and am dedicated to making this new blog a success. After all, life is way too short to waste time sitting around doing nothing.

I will be taking lots of pictures and maybe some videos also when I am working on stuff here. So, if I decide to check out a restaurant, I will probably show you some pictures of the outside and what my food looks like. But, there is a lot more than tasty food for the adventurous folks living in this part of the world.

Being so close to the water means that I am sure to have blog posts that talk about the Atlantic Ocean and the things that are relevant there. From parties and special events to ships that are traveling the waters, I think that the Atlantic is a pretty exciting part of our country and should get lots of attention. Plus, being by the beach means that I get to work on my tan. I definitely want to have a good tan in all of my photos!

Well, that is a bit of information about me, Samantha and the things that I like. I will be posting lots more stuff about adventure and my favorite things, from Goose Jeans to a good tan.

I am glad that you are here visiting my site and hope that you find my posts helpful and interesting. Let me know what you think and keep coming back to find out the latest adventures that I have decided to go on here or away.